Our integrated ERP solution


Siddhartha is an integrated ERP solution that is designed and built specifically for insurance providers. The focus of the architecture is based on the following definitions:

Any statement, document or booking can be reproduced at any time. Rule engine and bookkeeping modules belong in the core of the insurance application. Transcodings are in a compact form as well as being viewable in detail. Easy creation of any batch or online calculations of limits and premiums. A high performance while being permanently available is self-evident. Integration of MS-Word and MS-Excel on all levels. Full implementation of back and forward annotation.

Siddhartha masters this complexity of data and therefore enables insurers to be active on the market.

Our digitalization solution

G.I.A.N. is a combined solution realised by three partners, with Siddhartha being the core. It is complemented by an intelligent mail input system as well as a fully integrated document management system.

Our Electronic Claim Processing

is a fully automatic tool used for electronic claim control. It has current and historic tariff information as well as referential data.

The data is supplied to us either directly or via intermediaries. This system can increase productivity with your claim management processes in many ways.

By integrating with our ERP system, it means that you won't have to worry about dealing with interfaces and the resulting time it saves you optimizes the return on your investment.

Our internet based applications

offer you the fully automatic generation of offers from suppliers such as comparis.ch or an accurate premium calculator that can be used in your own homepage - we will provide you with all the necessary instruments.

We offer you easy optimization capabilities with the entry process, like the generation of automatic messages to your customers or to previous insurers, help you with the provisions and application processes as well as provide tools to you for your statistics and sales departments. Other additional support tools for customers, agents and brokers are also available.

Our Data Warehouse

can produce any required statistics for government authorities in an easy to handle manner and can also help you with the generation of any desired or customized statistics.

The results can be cross checked with bookkeeping figures from the core system meaning you end up with quadruple security and the assurance that the most important thing in your company is correct: your figures.

Our production offers

We offer our customers physical production capabilities such as the printing and packaging for invoices, policies, and payment reminders as well as the ability to create electronic productions for YellowBill, ISO20022, or any interfaces you require with your own partners - this is all output from a single source while being in constant contact with the same support people helping you.

Our service offers

With the long term experience that we have, it puts us in a unique position to offer you a first class consultancy. We are specialists in the migration of data and discerning the most suitable set up for your new ERP system. We can migrate your data in such a sophisticated way that it is even possible to send out payment reminders from your new system based on data from any of your old systems.