These statements describe the rights in the context about the usage of the web pages from Secon AG und Secon (NZ) Ltd. - referred to as Secon in the following:


Secon is the sole owner and operator of this website. Content can be altered or deleted at any given time. All the software used, labels, names, titles, pictures, designs and texts, as well as the website itself is owned either by Secon or partners and customers of Secon. No rights are passed on to the user by downloading or copying. In order to reproduce anything, you will need written permission from Secon.


Secon follows the privacy laws of Switzerland as well as New Zealand and is doing everything possible to protect your privacy.

Data Exchange

Secon strives to have a secure data exchange, however takes no responsibility or liability. Please be aware that third parties may be able to intercept information while transmitted via the internet.

Usage of Information

The web pages of Secon can be viewed without having to pass personal information to the site. Secon only collects personal information which has been granted by the user and this won't be passed on to third parties. In order to improve our services we may collect non personal information such as your IP-address, session or browser properties.

Declining of Responsibility

Secon excludes any explicit responsiblity and will not be chargeable for any damage you might experience while visiting the web pages of Secon.


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These rules were last revised as of the 25th of May 2018.

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